The motion against sexual harassment against cosplayers

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Animegao kigurumi players, a gap group in the realm of cosplay, are frequently male cosplayers who use zentai and stylized mask to symbolize female anime characters. These cosplayers completely hide their real capabilities so the unique appearance in their characters may be reproduced as actually as feasible, and to display all the abstractions and stylizations together with outsized eyes and tiny mouths often seen in Japanese cartoon artwork.This does no longer mean that simplest adult males carry out animegao or that mask are best woman.

"Cosplay Is Not Consent", a movement began in 2013 by way of Rochelle Keyhan, Erin Filson, and Anna Kegler, added to the mainstream, the problem of sexual harassment in the conference attending cosplay network.Harassment of Cosplayers consist of images without permission, verbal abuse, touching, and groping. Harassment is not constrained to ladies in provocative outfits as male cosplayers pointed out being bullied for now not fitting positive gown and characters Buy Cosplay Costumes .

Starting in 2014, New York Comic Con located big symptoms at the doorway pointing out that "Cosplay is Not Consent". Attendees were reminded to ask permission for photos and appreciate the person's proper to say no.The motion against sexual harassment against cosplayers has endured to advantage momentum and focus considering the fact that being publicized. Traditional mainstream information media like Mercury News, and Los Angeles Times have mentioned on the topic, bringing recognition of sexual harassment to those outside of the cosplay network.

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