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Shrink film is a kind of thermoplastic film that is stretched and orientated in the production process, while it is heated and contracted in the process of use. As early as 1936, the thermal shrinkage of the film was applied, initially mainly using rubber film to shrink the packaging of perishable food.


The production process

BOPP film manufacturers production usually adopt extrusion blow molding or extrusion LiuYanFa produce thick film, and then above the softening temperature, melt temperature, a high elastic state under longitudinal and transverse stretching temperature, stretching or only in one of the directions orientation, and the other one direction not stretching, the former is called biaxial tensile shrinkage film, while the latter is called a one-way shrink film. When used, the packaged goods are packed with reliable shrinkage forces at temperatures greater than or close to the tensile temperature. The type of thermal contraction