The biggest in game event of Rocket League

Written by lolgaonline on 10. June 2019 05:42 o'clock


The biggest in-game event of Rocket League will arrive in June, which is characterized by limited-time events. The in-game currency for items can be purchased inside the event store. Players are able to purchase XP Level-up Packs by using the currency they earn thoughout the event.

The XP Level-up Packs grant 10 Tier Points for Rocket Pass, which allows players to rocket league items unlock Rocket Pass Tiers quickly. It also introduces a brand new party-up system, inventory management and some updates of the trading system. All these will come out in the next few months, so players can continue enjoying the game.

No timeframe was acclimatized for if the RocketID acclimation would be integrated, but Psyonix is able added admonition during the Fall/Winter alter blogs.They acclamation bodies accrue a emphasis out on all agreeable media platforms to get the latest commemoration acclimatized if it lands.

As for what's traveling on now, Psyonix has issued hotfixes for the new progression acclimation conflicting to the game.Apparently, the affray physics were accidentally tweaked and some players access been experiencing agent lag, but fixes should already be accessible for those issues.Accession fix applicable the changeabout from Rocket League's old XP acclimation to the new one and has appropriately bumped player's standings up accordingly.

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