There is even a motion of kinds amongst players to paste

Written by lolgaonline on 17. October 2020 04:38 o'clock


No new modes, no fixes for a number of troubles that humans have been asking to be fixed for months. This entire replace became a cash clutch and I agree with we the community are rightfully pissed. We thought you were different, we idea "oh psyonix gained't be like that they are a terrific agency that cares about it's participant base" we now understand you just need to squeeze every final dime out people."

There's even a motion of kinds amongst players to paste to the base Stocktane automobile with no livery as a few sort of protest about the cost of the brand new microtransactions.

Much of the blame has been levelled at Psyonix's new boss Epic Games, who've applied a similar save for microtransactions in its unfathomably famous Fortnite – though even that recreation isn't pretty so overzealous with its pricing.


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