He was pulled off from the referee by Bonucci

Written by xingwang on 21. March 2018 02:38 o'clock


With more than 10 minutes left in the first half, fans who had been stifled by the game started early in the intermission. In 35 minutes, Chalcco Oulu took a break from the sudden break of the world wave to FIFA Coins break the deadlock. The ecstatic Italian journalists and away fans began to embrace the celebration. The familiar songs rang through the Emirates Stadium. Not yet recovering from the joy of the lead, Welbeck fell into AC Milan's penalty zone. When the referee's finger points to the penalty spot, Donaluma needs to be excited to see what is happening.

He was pulled off from the referee by Bonucci, and he couldn't identify the fake action of Wilbeck's penalty point. The score returned to 1-1. After reading the slow motion of Welbeck's fall, the Italian journalists were even more distraught. Even the British reporters agreed that the rationality of this penalty is debatable. During the intermission, some fans squatted on the fence in the pressroom while watching the controversy on the small screen. They asked reporters what the penalty was. The Italian reporter was not very polite to reply in English. Not a penalty, no!" Fans with red and white scarves said with satisfaction: "This is the referee's decision, the referee." He took his newly bought drink and walked back to his seat.


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