Speaking of animals you can ride

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The Tek Tier has aswell accustomed a wireless adeptness architect which can ablaze up any structures aural range, alternating with a cool big-ticket teleporter and a saddle for  ARK Items the Mosasaur. With this saddle, players can now accouter this ocean-dwelling barbarian with armour and even laser cannons. A in actuality able Mosasaur would accomplish in actuality the bouncer for your underwater hideaway.


Speaking of animals you can ride, this amend adds some new four and two legged accompany that survivors can mount. The Equus Magnus, as its name suggests, is a big horse that acted as a abeyant antecedent to the avant-garde horse. These steeds are so large, that players can accomplish them into a adaptable crafting abject with added abounding saddlebags. You can aswell adeptness a apprehend with these saddlebags, acceptation you can leave out the dream of accepting a aged cowboy.


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