The ARK Survival Evolved update adds the Electrophorus dinosaur

Written by xingwang on 19. March 2018 03:20 o'clock


ARK Survival Evolved developer Studio Wildcard has revealed plans for new content as part of a few imminent updates.And that's on top of new hands-on gameplay footage for ARK Survival Evolved spinoff ARK Park on PS4 (withPlayStation VR), Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.But first on to Buy ARK Items the updates, which kick off on Februrary 24 with v255 on PC.


The ARK Survival Evolved update adds the Electrophorus dinosaur, as well as the Microraptor, Ammonite and Thylacoleo.There's also the Tek Shield Generator structure, alongside the Tek Tileset and Tek Doors, not to mention four additional hairstyles, four facial hairstyles and more.Full patch notes will be revealed by Studio Wildcard once the update goes live.This will be followed by another new update on March 29. Among other things, update v256 adds the Aquatic and Amphibious Creature Breeding game mechanic.


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