Runescape game also showed RuneScape gold off

Thu, 11. Jul 19


Date: Thursday, 11. July 2019

Time: 12 o'clock


Location: NEW YORK

Street: NEW YORK

Zip and city: NEW YORK


Runescape game also showed RuneScape gold off something typically reserved for the Battlefield series destructible environments. Runescape players could shoot through some surfaces, creating new pathways through environments or giving them new angles to shoot at their opponents. All of that is still on display in the recently leaked Runescape


player footage for Siege, which takes place on a huge luxury airliner. Runescape players set up traps including razor wire nests and collapsible shields, and blast holes in various sections of the floor and wall. I especially like the moments when you see the Runescape player shoot a small hole in a section of the wall, creating just enough

room to peek through and blast an enemy if they come barreling down the hallway.Why am I going into so much detail about the Siege footage Because this was pulled directly from the Runescape game's ongoing alpha and might be removed at any moment. Then again, this could also be a ?leak,? meaning the developer is simply looking

to generate buzz. I think Siege is looking pretty good so runescape 2007 gold far, especially when you remember that this is alpha footage, and the dev has plenty of time to fix the occasional bug and beef up those graphics. There's still no telling when the Runescape game will launch, though.I'm all for saving hostages from bad guys, but what I'd really like


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