After the first measures are poe currency

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Date: Saturday, 23. May 2020

Time: 12 o'clock


Location: usa


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After the first measures are poe currency taken, we make sure that our personality is adequately supplied with life and protection values. For melee fighters, it's advisable to aim for atleast 180 to 220 percent improved life.

A fantastic resource for this is the rectangle, which is situated relatively in the center of the gift tree and provides 49 percent life to us. The distribution looks like this for our example that is preferred. Today we are going to stock up on other defense consequences. We picked Life Leech and Endurance Charges for our Sunder-Slayer. These may be combined with the Slayer's talents. After our points have been spread by us, our talent tree currently looks like this.

And today finally comes the second that we have all been waiting for: after investing 85 points in our defense values, we can freely distribute the rest to maximize our damage.

We mainly use hammers. After our very first distribution, most weapon talents are located in such a manner which you can readily reinforce any other two-handed weapon.
Additionally, we activate four jewel sockets.

The final result with 114 points (level 91) is PoE trade currency buy quite striking. The buy poe exalted orbs talent tree was made in such a manner that we can trigger 30additional wisdom or abilities if we need these attributes for our skill gems and can not be achieved via our equipment.

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