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In addition to wow classic gold being permanently lost and confused, training abilities was a struggle for vanilla WoW players. Your pet skills all had rankings, which you needed to understand with a pet before you could apply them. So if you wanted a ability out the ones your pet came with, you would have to quit using them.


The match never told you this, so lots of Hunters ran with. And there were weapon abilities, which were eliminated in Cataclysm. You'd pick up a weapon that is sweet, visit attack a mob, and spend the next hour causing Glancing Blows because your ability levelled up in it, overlooking, and swinging. Yes, it made sense; no, it was satisfying.

This allow you to made world PvP somehow more thrilling, and unlock titles and equipment. You could even lose honor by killing civilians see the Barrens chat entry over. I spent months in vanilla pretending to be a highwayman before I discovered it was much easier and quicker to gain PvP ranks from the Battlegrounds, added in patch 1.5.

But it didn't compare to the buy classic wow gold feeling that each and every participant was a part of a struggle against an enemy force. I might have made it Senior Sergeant--that feels somewhat being manager in a team of two--but it is still one of my WoW achievements.

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