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Mon, 25. May 20


Date: Monday, 25. May 2020

Time: 12 o'clock


Location: USA


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It is really hard to Temtem Pansun judge a game in Historical Access because by definition it is not likely to be the polished encounter you may want. But that also means there is time.Temtem hit the floor running like it took Pokémon's lunch. Developer Crema quickly corrected its servers let tamers and to support its rapidly-growing player foundation experience what the sport now has to offer you.


Now that time has passed and many players have reached the end of what's available we can see what shines and what may use work. But under that surface that is lively, there is not much going on. A major problem is the lack of social capabilities. Presently there is absolutely no way to communicate with your fellow tamers.

Even though there is an Discord server for Temtem, there's absolutely no manner in sport to ask for help or try team up. The process of teaming up with someone for co-op play requires you to hunt through your menu even if they're right in front of you.

Speaking of co-op play, that. Playing with buy Temtem Pansun a friend is enjoyable, but it includes a handful of downsides. Leveling your Temtem becomes slower because every player only has oneoutside. The Coward's Cloak item can help with that but you still feel the consequences. More importantly if you and your partner both attempt to grab the same Temtem your cards
collide midair that wastes them both for you.

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