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Date: Thursday, 06. May 2021

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I believe riot games has done something similar to OSRS gold this, but to a far greater extent. They forced people to use their launcher and made sure to test if hashes do not match. If it found it doesn't, it is going to update the game for you automatically.


But for coffee, it is significantly harder since bytecode is easier to change than your classic x86 architecture.If enough money and resources was put together, they can earn a c++ loader, which can minimize the issue greatly. Afterward, they could add real anti cheat that can actually have a larger impact than the present.

It won't stop botting completely, but it will add a huge cost to creating a farm. Since bypassing stated anti cheat requires some time, so public customers will cost a lot of cash.

If you go to, then they have listed how many men and women are on the Runelite customer at the given moment. You could compare this to the Buy Runescape gold official participant counter at different times of the day. Pretty certain OSB has some counter tops too.

The new client should support open source modules, the neighborhood will gradually port them to C++. Jagex host their particular hub akin to runelite's'plugin hub'they approve new plugins & updates like this runelite team's latest workflow.

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